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Effective Communication – The Key To Workplace Relations

  • Improve business confidence
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Improve business effectiveness
  • Improve leadership
  • Improve internal & external communication
  • Improve sales
  • Improve business results

Introduce to your workplace

By engaging the specialised Leadership, Communication & Sales skills provides, your organisation through Consulting, Training & Conference Speaking will build upon current success, strengthen weaknesses and most importantly deliver better business outcomes. is able to provide your organisation with Consulting, Training & Conference Speaking services across the Asia Pacific & Americas regions to improve business results by developing the following business disciplines:


Successful leadership is based on vision, strategy, discipline, humility, ability to relate and influence.

Engaging to assess your organisations leaders, build on strengths, uncover concerns and up-skill, your leaders will better connect with internal / external stakeholders whilst demonstrating the the confidence, efficiency and effectiveness to lead your organisation towards where it needs to be. Read more...


Successful communication can include responsibilities such as:

  • email
  • documents, proposals
  • facilitating meetings
  • presentations
  • sales presentations
  • presenting reports to management, teams & boards
  • presenting credentials to prospects
  • presenting solutions to prospects or existing clients
  • presenting product or service launches
  • leadership announcements
  • conference / public speaking

Whatever communications the members of your organisation are responsible for, they must plan and deliver with audience understanding, focus, clarity, confidence and a call to action.

Engaging to assess the ways your organisation members communicate, build on strengths, uncover concerns and up-skill, your members will better represent your business and improve the ways internal / external stakeholders perceive your business whilst improving business results. Read more...


Boost the ways others perceive your company with professional presentation skills development.

Why is it that some presentations leave us bored, while others hold our interest, get us thinking and leave us feeling inspired, energised and positive? It comes down to efficient and effective presentation skills.

Someone who has undertaken proven presentation skills development captures the attention of their audience and connects with them. They are prepared, confident, use their time well, speak clearly and maintain appropriate non-verbal behavior. Read more...


Successful sales depend on an individual or sales team's ability to:

  • Consider - target market + prospecting + managing leads + initial approach + general benefit & value statements
  • Connect - sales call etiquette + initial objectives + build rapport
  • Consult - plan relevant questions + uncover needs + understand urgency
  • Communicate - prepare and deliver value based solution
  • Commit - move prospect out of comfort zone + call to action

Every sale has five basic obstacles - (1) no need (2) no budget (3) no immediate need / don't see value or return on investment (4) no desire (5) not enough rapport and trust developed

When sales professionals make calls and obtain appointments but do not close sufficient business, a company must make immediate changes.

Sales training should not be about “selling” someone on a product or service. Instead, sales development should focus on helping prospects and clients to choose and invest in a solution that will best serve them, meet their needs plus, offer a return on investment when possible.

Selling requires collaboration therefore, when sales professionals understand they do not sit across the table from the person they are serving but instead should sit on the same side of the table with their prospect / client, then more calls and appointments will convert into 'win-win' opportunities.

Engaging to assess your organisations sales capability, build on strengths, uncover concerns and up-skill, your sales team(s) will be better equipped and empowered to find new opportunities and win more sales. Read more...

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  • Return on Investment - testimonial
    Korry Hoogesteger - National Account Manager - Vodafone

    23 out of 24 presentations ‘hit the mark’ by achieving all pre-planned outcomes. Based on the calculation of commitments gained during all presentations, I believe these results will lead to a 60% increase in sales of our presented product through Woolworths Ltd

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  • Return on Investment - testimonial
    Jonathan Gould - Project Manager - Broad

    The learning experience has saved me much time when preparing for business presentations and given me renewed confidence to speak before a group of people

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  • Return on Investment - testimonial
    Michael Aquilina - National Account Manager - Philips your advice allowing the product to speak for itself, we experienced the best outcomes we could have hoped for in terms of presentation efficiency, effectiveness and audience "buy in‟.

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  • Return on Investment - testimonial
    Roy Wakim - Solutions & Marketing, APAC - Avaya

    ...during my prospect presentation the day following workshop, my business gained a new client...

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  • Return on Investment - testimonial
    Bob Watling - General Manager - Power & Industry - Silcar

    ...Ultimately, during the presentation our organisation gained immediate commitment with this prospect to review 2 of their sites....

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  • Return on Investment - testimonial
    Ben Nicholson - Zone Dealer Sales Manager - QLD - Isuzu Australia

    ...I am much more able to produce improved presentations that rely less on PowerPoint and more on me delivering the message.....

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  • Return on Investment - testimonial
    Steve Holden - Building Manager - Thiess

    I know some of my staff could not have presented their input on the two examples above without the preparation work EC put them through leading up to the workshop...

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